Restoration Plan A

The Ultimate Muscle Restoration Plan


This is our most comprehensive plan and is designed to help you create a new healthier and pain free life. Whether you are struggling with a chronic issue such as hip, shoulder, neck, back pain, arthritis, bursitis, scoliosis or want to enjoy work & hobbies being pain free , this plan will help you completely transform your life.

This system will help promote better sleep, better posture and less pain on a day to day basis and less retuning pain in between your sessions.


Included in this plan :


We will go over your goals, what it is that you would like to achieve whether it be to increase flexibility, rom, or restore myofascial and muscle tissue. Unlimited email support


  • Free postural evaluation ( you get a CLEAR view as to what exactly is going on with posture misalignments )
  • 1 session a week or 24  sessions in a 6 month time period
  • progression photos of posture realignment
  • Core brand orthopedic pillow , mechanical neck & shoulder massager, muscle resistance bands

Also included in this plan:

  • Helpful nutrition tips and homecare stretch instructions
  • A FREE hormone evaluation and assessment by our affiliated Hormone Therapy doctor. $350 value

Plan Length: 6 Months