Restoration Plan B

90 Day Muscle Reactivation Plan


This plan is for those who are wanting to resolve a specific issue such as the hip, shoulder, back or neck .Whether you have been dealing with a few minor aches and issues for a long period of time or they have crept up recently , this plan will optimize your overall health. 

This system will help promote better sleep, better posture and less pain on a day to day basis and less returning pain in between your sessions.

Included in this plan:


We will go over your goals, what it is that would like to achieve whether it be to increase flexibility, r.o.m. or restore muscle and myofascial tissue.


  • Free postural evaluation ( you get a clear view as to what is going on with posture misalignments)
  • 1 session a week or 12 sessions in a 3 month time period
  • progression photos of posture realignment



Plan length: 3 months